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The site of TaskyRoyal is the best site that helps you to share your ads in a modern way for free.

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The idea of TaskyRoyal

  TaskyRoyal's  idea is to build a social advertising platform to serve all categories of individuals and companies to create better opportunities and offer better products that serve the aspirations of the Arab community and international community.

Silver Category

  • 20 Bid $1
  • 30 Bid $2
  • 40 Bid $3
  • 50 Bid $4
  • 60 Bid $5

Gold Categories

  • 100 Bid $3
  • 200 Bid $6
  • 300 Bid $9
  • 400 Bid $12
  • 500 Bid $15

What does TaskyRoyal serve

   The site of TaskyRoyal displays all types of commercials' ads, including charity's ads , as the site TaskyRoyal helps user to download announcing like text ads, images ad, video ads, currently an auction's ads, or a charity ad. As well as the site of TaskyRoyal helps in providing the right atmosphere between the advertiser and the researcher for the right product, so that it does TaskyRoyal provide instant chat service between the advertiser and the researcher as well as provide post an announcement in the social networking feature, and most importantly is to provide suitable for all categories of work environment, whether companies or individuals.

The vision of TaskyRoyal

  The vision of TaskyRoyal is to make its customers an important factor in building a better society to display their ads in a modern way to suit all age groups.



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